The Complete Guide of Paleo (Ebook)


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Product Description

Through this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why is modern food harmful to your body.
  • Why is Paleo food perfect for you.
  • Practical advice on starting the Paleo diet under proper conditions.
  • Full benefits of the Paleo diet and 8 mistakes you must avoid.
  • A 14-day-Paleo Schedule, so you can give a head start to your Paleo diet.
  • 20 simple detailed Paleo recipes, with high-resolution pictures

Are you tired of following various diets continuously and finally end up regaining more weight?

Have you already run out of trying all the fad diets you could come across and still not managed to gain that slim body line you’ve always craved for? Do you lose weight with the speed of light and start gaining weight right after? Worse yet, do you start regaining even more weight after your diet than what you were before?

Why is the Paleo the best ultimate solution that can truly answer your problems?

Because the Paleo diet is not entirely a diet. Paleo is the lifestyle you will soon adopt which will gradually guide you towards achieving a healthier life. As a result, you will discover the basics for a healthy diet through which you’ll be capable of distinguishing good food from bad. This transformation will further help you in reducing your weight while also making you feel healthier, younger, and more energetic once again


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